When it comes to retirement, most people fail to plan. Whether it is their retirement age, account value, or portfolio yield, investors often get caught up chasing numbers.

At Cabot Lodge, while we believe that "numbers" are important, we also believe that goals have meaning that numbers cannot convey. We see our mission as helping clients achieve their goals.

Our retirement planning services begin with getting to know you. We learn about your dreams, and about what is important to you and your family. We also gain an appreciation for your priorities and what you hope that your money will accomplish.

Together, we will visualize your goals. We feel that a part of our job is to listen to you, and together to determine whether your retirement goals are realistic. Then we plot the steps you need to take to achieve those goals by creating a comprehensive, but easy to understand retirement plan. We work with you to fine tune the strategy - whether it is the timing, the asset allocation, or the individual investments. And most importantly, we work together to monitor the plan, to be sure that as you move forward, you stay on track to achieving your retirement goals.

Your retirement plan is unique to you; it will resemble no other
It will, however, feature our hallmark approach:

  • Driven by goals
  • Based on a proven investment framework
  • Continual monitoring, guidance and service

We succeed when our clients succeed
By making your goals the focal point of our strategy we can tailor your retirement plan accordingly. Many clients have retirement goals including:

  • Pay off mortgage
  • Acquire retirement/vacation home
  • Maintain lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Fund children's education
  • Leave a legacy to the next generation
  • Fund charitable endeavors

These are but a few examples, and we treat them as such. Many clients have other unique goals, and we assist in identifying and prioritizing them, and planning on how to save and invest to achieve them.

We'll rally around each of your goals and devise a plan that takes into account your differing time horizons, need for growth or income, and where they fit in your overall retirement plan.

The inclusion of both numbers-based goals and life goals changes the way in which we measure success. We do not measure our success solely against industry standard benchmarks. We measure our success based on your ability to make your plan a reality, and enjoy your retirement years exactly as you have envisioned.

A proven framework
While everyone is unique, we have found that most clients have short-term or immediate needs (less than two years). They also have intermediate needs for goals that may be realized in five to seven years time. Lastly, they have long-term wealth building goals, which must be addressed.

Different investment products are best utilized for needs and goals with different time frames
For example:

  • Short-term needs are generally addressed with liquid, stable investments such as CD's, money market accounts, and short-term bonds.
  • Intermediate needs can be met with traditional investments or instruments such as equities, fixed income (bonds), and mutual funds.
  • Long term goals, which by definition have the longest time horizon, are generally met with investments in growth oriented vehicles such as equities and alternative investments.

We build your retirement portfolio around this proven investment framework.

Continual monitoring, guidance and service
Retirement is a long, exciting, and sometimes scary journey. Your retirement plan may be well established when something unexpected happens that renders it meaningless. Markets may have more turbulence than you expected. Tax rates may change in a way that negatively imapcts your plan. Your living expenses might be greater than you thought. Inflation may rear its head, Social Security laws may change, or your personal situation such as your job or your income needs while you are still in your working years may change. All of these factors make it hard to determine definitively today whether you will reach your long-term retirement goals.

Don't despair
Your Cabot Lodge Advisor will help you gauge your progress and course-correct as needed. We'll help you foresee and prevent the unexpected from getting you off track. We don't create a complicated retirement plan and leave you on your own. Instead, we:

  • Continually monitor progress towards goals
  • Meet regularly to review portfolio performance
  • Discuss market conditions and their impact on your plan
  • Make ourselves available at any time to answer questions and address concerns

To discuss your unique needs and goals, please call Cabot Lodge Securities at 1.888.992.2268 or visit our contact page

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